The Chaos was formed in 2011 by Camdenites, Carl Nugent and Lenny Benet from the remnants of their last band ‘Crack Soup’. They were joined on drums by Sharona E. Jones (formerly of Arsehole Robot Party) and Sean Calman (petty thief). Their first single, ‘I Just Had Sex With You (And Now You Can’t Remember)’ sold all 42 copies.

Combining a bleeding edge dubstep sound with razor sharp lyrics prompted the highly regarded music mag W*NK to proclaim The Chaos will be ‘the soundtrack to 2013. Definitely. (Maybe).’

Welcome friends, to The Chaos.



Carl Nugent is the lead singer of the Chaos and has been described (by some / himself) as 'Bowie meets Doherty with a hint of Graham Norton’. Visceral, electric and suave are three of his favourite words. His hobbies include exotic animals (he has a pet snake called Sir Flinders Petrie) and British naval history.

His dream is to make a 36 hour concept album called ‘Anaconda Transponder’. He refers to himself as multi-sexual but is currently single.

Carl Nugent played by Chris Kendall



Lenny Benet is lead keyboard player, co-lead song writer and lead shagger. He started out his career as a magician but was eventually kicked out of the Magic Circle for his now notorious trick ‘Fruit Bum Machine’. Post magic and before joining The Chaos he worked as an exotic dancer on cruise ships.

His current ambition is to collaborate with the Dalai Lama on a Tibetan Hip Hop album.

Lenny Benet played by Jeff Leach



Sharona E. Jones’s real name is ‘Fiona Jones’ but she didn’t think it sounded Rock n’ Roll enough. The E stands for ‘Epic’. She’s slept with all the members of the band, their manager Dougie and 250 groupies (approx).

She’s originally from Newcastle and claims that’s why she has an answer for everything. Apparently she was voted the world’s second sexiest drummer ahead of many others she'd also slept with.

Sharona E Jones played by Sammy T Dobson



Sean Calman is a man of mystery. He started hanging out with the band because he thought Dougie might be able to ‘sort him out’. That was two years ago and he’s now an integral part of The Chaos despite not playing any instruments.

He first found his love of music in prison (Strangeways 2001 to 2011). He hasn’t spoken since 1997 and is rumoured to be the son of Duke of Buckingham.

Sean Calman played by Thomas McGarva



Dougie Charms is the band manager and a late comer to the music business. After 12 years as a sales rep for a well known biscuit brand, he ballooned to 27 stone and was fired for not meeting his sales targets. So Dougie got his act together and decided to follow his heart. That led to 3 years in reinsurance.

In 2011 he happened to pass the Dublin Castle in Camden when he heard what he describes as “teenagers shouting over computer music”. He and the band have never looked back.

Dougie Charms played by Dan Skinner